Why is galvanized steel coil widely used in the construction industry?

Galvanized coil is a new type of material. It is a layer of zinc plated on the surface of the steel plate. It utilizes the physical properties of zinc to act as a corrosion inhibitor. As a new material, galvanized coil is widely used in construction and light industry, and the market demand is also very large. According to statistics, the application of galvanized coils in these two industries can reach about 30% of the total.

1. Improve the surface flatness of the galvanized coil. After finishing, the flatness of the galvanized coil is improved and the corrugation of the galvanized coil is partially eliminated. At the same time, the slag particles or other uneven points on the surface can be leveled to make the surface smooth and level.

2. Adjust the surface roughness of the galvanized coil. By controlling the roughness of the work roll surface of the finishing machine, the original uneven roughness of the galvanized roll surface can be unified into the range. This improves the coating properties of the product and lubricity during processing.

3. Surface color of galvanized coil. Galvanized coils can be finished with a more uniform surface for both spangled and unspangled products. For some private enterprises that use large spangle products as color-coated boards, the spangles formed by the large spangle crystals can be flattened and unified with different glosses, making the spangles blurred, which is beneficial to cover the spangles. during the painting process.

4. Processing performance of galvanized coil. By finishing, the yield table of the galvanized coil can be eliminated or inconspicuous, preventing the occurrence of metal slip lines in subsequent processing.

In addition, galvanized coil is a widely used and anti-corrosion-treated steel in daily life, from tables, chairs and benches to pavilions and pavilions. If you look carefully, you can find the figure of galvanized coil, but due to different uses and different processing forms, some are placed in inconspicuous places that we do not pay attention to, such as the ventilation ducts of buildings, and some are placed on the surface, but they are beautified. Not visible, such as the back cover of the refrigerator. Galvanized coils are widely used in construction and light industry, accounting for about two-fifths of total applications.

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