How to choose painted steel coil


Primarily refers to the price of raw materials, basic steel or cold-rolled sheet components provided by suppliers. The price of raw materials determines the price of color-coated coils and the input-output ratio of the entire supply chain, thus bringing profit margins to manufacturers and sellers. some degree of influence.

First, confirm all the details of the order, including thickness, width, color, packaging, roll weight, etc., as well as the application environment of the selected raw materials. PPGI's quick and easy test methods are: machine test paint thickness and coil thickness and width, T-bend test paint adhesion, test zinc coating. Or you can make an appointment with a professional testing agency such as SGS for sampling to better define product quality.

Coating hardness
Coating hardness is the ability of the coating to resist scratch, wear, impact, compression and other mechanical functions, and is closely related to the scratch resistance, wear resistance and indentation resistance of PPGL coils. The selection is mainly based on factors such as use, processing method, storage and transportation conditions. The flexibility and adhesion of the coating are closely related to the processing of the PPGL coil, and the selection is mainly based on the processing method and the degree of deformation.


Coating Durability
Coating durability is the performance of PPGL coils in use, usually measured in terms of service life. The durability of the coating is closely related to the type of coating, the thickness of the coating, the corrosiveness of the environment and other factors. The atmospheric exposure test is a reliable method for evaluating the durability of coatings. A series of artificial aging tests have been developed to evaluate durability, neutral salt spray test and UV test are more commonly used.

Other properties
Under certain conditions, PPGL coils are required to have good organic solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, stain resistance and other properties. The performance of a PPGL coil supplier's choice of reverse coating is often dependent on the application and environment. When the corrosive environment is not high, the reverse side is usually coated with only one layer for decoration. Due to the highly corrosive nature of the environment, two coats were applied to improve corrosion resistance.


On time delivery
If you confirm the time period with the factory, you need to confirm the delivery time and other follow-up plans. So delivery time is also important. This factor directly affects the arrival date and sales of customer products. Therefore, delivery punctuality should be considered. Choose a more rigorous factory.

Buy Prepainted Steel Coils from Manufacturers
Color-coated steel coils are available in various shapes and sizes according to the specific needs of customers. This is known for its excellent properties and properties that make it worthy and admirable in various industrial applications.